Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984


A Skodie is getting up and down from any location off the green with a bladed club.  A Skode must be audibly called and then acknowledged by at least one other player. For each made Skode a player collects $1 from each of his playing partners. For each missed Skode he pays out $1 to each partner. The player who collects the most MADE Skodes in 18 holes is awarded the SKODE POOL, which is $5 from each player.  It does not matter how many Skodes are missed. ALL SKODE PUTTS MUST BE PUTTED INTO THE HOLE, NO MATTER HOW CLOSE. ABSOLUTELY NO GIMMES.  If a player accidentally gives you a Skode putt and kicks it back to you, it is YOUR obligation to put the ball back into the original position and putt it into the hole. Failure to do so results in NO SKODE.  Picking up an inside the leather short gimme skode putt does NOT result in a missed skode on the card. 


SKODE ELIGIBILITY –A skode can be called from anywhere off the green except the fringe of the green – or “first cut”.  There are some courses where the approach in the front of the green goes right from the fairway into the fringe.  In these cases, you are eligible for a skode ONLY if the ball is more than TWO club-lengths off the green.  ANY club other than your putter can be used for the measurement. The measurement must be made to the closest point of the green, NOT on a direct line to the hole.

In order to discourage “skode hacking”, any shot deemed not to be an honest effort to move towards the hole (such as chipping it closer on purpose to get a better skode opportunity) automatically negates any subsequent skode attempts on that hole.  Also, any skodes made on a Cap DO NOT count. Skodes on a natural double par do count. The determination as to whether the skode attempt was genuine will be determined by a majority vote of the other 3 players in the group.

AUTO-SKODE – Each player must call at least one Skode per 9 holes.  If you fail to call a skode on the last hole, you automatically are charged a missed skode on that hole. It does NOT matter if you happen to get up and down on you last shot off the green - if you don't CALL IT, it doesn't count.


SKODE-APPEALAn appeal be requested from anywhere off of the green or on the fringe. Two out of the three of the other players in the foursome must approve. A quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down from the other players signals the ruling. If a player drops from a hazard he cannot legally call a Skode without an appeal that is accepted.

SAND SKODE – Making a skode from the sand is worth 2 skodes if you make it and if you miss it only counts as one. You also collect the Sandie.


MULTIPLE SKODES – There is no limit to the number of Skodies you can call on a hole.  However, once you are on the green, you CANNOT call another Skode, even if your next shot is off the green and Skode eligible. However, this can be appealed and must be accepted by the group.

KRAMIE – If you chip it in on a Skode call you are awarded one BONUS skode. The Kramie is NOT a piece of junk, it is just an extra skode-made on the card. You also get a CHIPPIE as junk.

FENNELL  - Each player will have the opportunity to call ONE Fennell skode per round. On a Fennell skode call, a made skode counts as TWO made skodes, and missing it only counts as one miss. You get ONE bonus skode for making your Fennell. The Fennell call must be made in advance of the shot, and must be acknowledged by another player. You only get ONE call per 18 holes. A made Fennell from the sand counts as 2 made skodes plus 1 bonus skode for a total of 3 made. A Fennell cannot be called on a skode appeal.