Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

The "Skodie Chase"

The Skodemaster title will be going back to the Old format for 2017. We will have an old-fashioned Skode-off before the round on Sunday at the Legends. We will have 12 qualifiers from the previous year.

The Skode-off will be match play in brackets, determined by previous year seeding. The top 4 players get a BYE, and the bottom 8 play for 4 spots to play the top seeded players. Seed # 5 plays #12, #6 plays #11, #7 plays # 10 & #8 plays #9. Player Seed # 1 plays winner of 8-9 match, seed #2 plays winner of 7-10 match etc. Flip a coin to determine first player to choose, then first player to make 2 skodes wins. Alternate choosing shot for skode attempt.

The 12 Players plus ties who qualify for “The Skodie Chase”. will be listed on the Skodemaster page.       

-       The formula for determining the qualifiers for the Skode-off are as follows:

1)   50% of the total skodes made on your best day

2)   Plus 100% of the skodes made on your second best day

The 12 players in the Skode-off are those with the highest scores from the PREVIOUS year who are in attendance on Sunday.

-         The top 12 qualifiers each year are awarded Bling at the Banquet.

2  2017 Skodie Chase Qualifiers:
1. Dan
2. Chris
3. Coke
4. Tex
5. Nascar
6. Huffy
7. Stan
8. Newt

9. George
10. Mase
11. Kramie
12. Hendi

First Round:
Nascar vs. Hendi
Huffy vs. Kramie
Stan vs. Mase
Newt vs. George

Second round:
1.Dan vs Geo/Newt
2.CC vs. Stan/Mase
3.Coke vs. Huffy/Kramie
4.Tex vs. Nascar/Hendi

Third Round:
1 vs. 4
2 vs. 3


-       ***  In order to discourage “skode hacking”, any shot deemed not to be an honest effort to move towards the hole (such as chipping it closer on purpose to get a better skode opportunity) will automatically disqualify that day's totals from the player. The determination as to whether the skode attempt was genuine will be determined by a majority vote of the other 3 players in the group. Skodes made after the cap DO NOT count.