Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

BGA Rules

THIRD PUTT IS GOOD - In order to speed up play, the max putts on any hole is THREE (3). This will give everyone the chance to drill their second putt as far past as they want, they are automatically good coming back. You CANNOT score a POLIE on your third putt.

HOLE IN ONE - A Hole-In-One pays $20 from every player in the BGA in attendance at a sanctioned BGA event.  This includes half-weekers and rabbits at the annual Southern Tour who might not actually be there for the shot.


MUELLER – In order to even the playing field for all golfers, the BGA offers each player one Mulligan per round. It must be played  from the Tee. If you call your Mueller - YOU MUST PLAY IT - regardless of how your original shot ended up. As with BGA custom, you cannot collect ANY money on the Mulligan.  This includes Flaggie, Greenie, and Hole in One.  You can still collect on a birdie.

The "Uni" is an UNOFFICIAL BGA custom most often seen in the higher handicap groups when teeing off on a hole with a long carry.  If all four players hit their balls out of play, by UNANIMOUS consent a "Universal Mulligan" can be declared.  If any one player decides that their shot is in play, they become the "Uni-buster" and no Uni is allowed.


SAVIOR – A player can elect to trade his Mueller to another player at any time during the round for the price of one piece of JUNK. The Player purchasing the Mueller must have the piece of Junk on the card when the trade is made. The player can use any piece of positive junk to buy the savior, even if they are "net negative" with more pieces of negative junk than positive junk.  Note: The Savior is NOT in play during the Calcutta or on Tourney day.

CAP - The maximum strokes a player may record on any hole is a double par. In match play actual strokes do NOT beat a capped score. The Handicap stroke CANNOT be applied to a Cap.  For example, if a player is getting a stroke on a par 4 and scores a natural 8, he gets a seven, if he scores a 9, it becomes a net 8, if he scores a 10 or higher he gets an 8. On Vegas day the MAX score is Triple Bogie.

BASEMENT BET - This is an optional bet usually played on Vegas day when there is a lot of money at stake.  At the end of the round all bets are totaled up and the biggest loser pays the biggest winner $20.  This can also be played for other amounts subject to foursome agreement.  All BGA bets (skodies, junk, etc.) count toward the won/loss total, not only Vegas or match points.

ACCELERATOR - Doubles all bets if all four players are in the fairway or all on the green on a par 3. All positive junk is doubled EXCEPT for Newts and Twofers. Negative junk (Schlenkers, Aquamoles, etc.) are NOT doubled. Skodes are NOT doubled. The Accelerator IS in play for Vegas, Progressive Skins and 3-2-1 Milo. It Is NOT in play on Tourney Day, Calcutta or Horse race for points, but it IS in play for JUNK.  Muellers and Breakfast Balls DO NOT count towards the accelerator, the first four drives must be in the fairway.  

BREAKFAST BALL - All players have the option of hitting a Breakfast Ball off the first tee. If you chose to hit a breakfast ball, you MUST USE IT, just like a mueller. Even if your first ball ends up as a better shot, you MUST use your second shot if you take it. The BB does NOT count as your mueller, you still have that in the bag.