Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

Bling Awards

Bling is awarded for the following:

Every Day: (7 days x 7 each day = 49)
Most made Skodes (1)
Closest to the pin (4) ALL PAR 3's ALL WEEK
Long drive (2)

**The Long Drive winners will be limited to 1 LD Bling per week. (with the exception of winning twice in one day.  If you haven't won yet for the week, you can still mark both drives if you are longest, since you can't be sure first one will hold up.) The LD is ALWAYS on the FIRST par 5 of each 9.  If guys in the first group forget to mark it, too bad, it goes to person who remembers to mark it.    

Saturday - Most Points on each team in 3-2-1 Milo (4)
Sunday - Most Vegas Points (1)
Monday - Calcutta - Top 3 finishers and Top 3 owners. (6)
Wed. - Most Skins per team (4)
Thur - Horserace - 3 Winning teams (6 players) and winning pickers (3)
Friday - Tourney day team winners (16 players)

Bling for Jacket, Ironman, Best Dressed, Rookie & Skodemaster (5)

Bling for Top 8 in Skodie Chase (5)

All BAM!s of the week
First Sims of the week
Most different kinds of Junk on Sunday  
Most Junk on Monday

Bush Bowl (2)