Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984
BGA Three Putt Rule

Third Putt is Good - In order to speed up play, the max putts on any hole is THREE (3). This will give everyone the chance to drill their second putt as far past as they want, they are automatically good coming back. You cannot score a POLIE on your third putt.

Once you are on the green, three putts are the max, even if you happen to putt one off the green. If any part of the ball is touching the green you are considered to be on the green.

The BGA Code

1. All bets are to be paid before leaving the course.

2. No transfer of debts.  Pay the guy you owe.

3. Money putts must be in the hole. If you don't putt it, you don't get paid.

4. All BGA games are in play when you step on the first tee.  No opting out.

5. What happens in Myrtle, stays in Myrtle.

Advice for Rookies

Keep track of your clubs and shoes.
2. Eat when you can, sleep when you can.
3. Don't give the keys to Earl.
4. Bring your own cigar lighter.
5. Wear sunscreen.

Are they really hitting it from a graveyard?