Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

BGA Handicaps - These are OFFICIAL for the 2019 Tour

-6: Uncle Jack

-2: DB, Shu, Richards

Base: Tex, Coke, Huffy, Dan, Stan, Siko, C-Dad, BobbyT, JoJudd, Warren

+2: Newt, Yip, Eddie, Doc, Reed*

+4: Kramie, JPMase

+6: Harding, Ziggy, Fish

+8: CC, JC, Zordy, Hendi
+10 Swanny, George, Lloyd, Phibro, Tok, CP*

+12 Phil, John Cal, Bohmie

+14 Tony

 +16 Ron, Earl, JT

 +18 Eric

RED denotes Tourney Day Players

* Denotes Rookie - handicap subject to revision