Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984
Ultra Vegas

Max score is TRIPLE BOGIE on Ultra Vegas day

After determining rotation, players switch partners every 3 holes.

After each hole combine the (net) lowest score of one team to the (net) lowest score of the other team. Example, a 5 and 6 combined score is 56, a 8 and 4 is 48.  The difference between the two scores is the point difference recorded on the card, with the winner being the lower of the two numbers.  In this example 56 – 48 is 8 points. If one of the players has a NET par, the other team score is flipped. A 56 score becomes a 65. Now 65 – 48 is 17 points. A BIRDIE FLIPS A PAR.   The Handicap stroke CANNOT be applied to a Cap.  For example, if a player is getting a stroke on a par 4 and scores a natural 8, he gets a seven, if he scores a 9 it becomes a net 8, if he scores a 10 or higher he gets an 8.


This same concept is played on the greens for putts. A 1 Putt to flips your opponent’s score on the greens.  A one putt and a two putt vs. a two putt and a three putt is 13 to 32 - a 19 point hole.