Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

Progressive Skins With Accelerator

To win a skin or skins, you must have a lower net score than the other three players in your foursome. In the event that two or more players tie for the lowest net score the skins carry to the next hole.
Skins progress each hole from 1 to 6 and then revert back to 1 to start the progression again.
The Accelerator comes into play when all four players in the foursome are on the fairway off of the tee box, or on the green on a par 3. All bets are doubled on that hole, including skins, Junk. It does not include carryover skins, however Accelerator skins do carry over if there is a tie. For example, on a 5 skin hole with 4 carryovers, an accelerator would double the 5 to 10, added to 4 carryover equals 14 skin hole. If that hole is tied, next hole is 14 plus 6 for 20 skin hole. All junk is doubled except for Newts and Twofers. You CANNOT get the accelerator on the first hole unless all four FIRST drives are in the fairway, breakfast balls don't count. You CANNOT get an Accelerator on a mulligan.