Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

Horse Race 2018

There will be 16 two-man teams playing a 27-hole tournament.  Each two-man team will play 3 nine-hole matches.  We will count holes won as 1 point each, ties as 1/2 point each, match wins as 2 points. Total points possible is 33 (3 x 9 for winning all holes + 6 for 3 match wins)

The Format will be as follows:

1st 9 - Hi-Lo

2nd 9 - Sucker in the bucket

3rd 9 - Chapman

See the GAMES tab for the rules of each game.

Each player contributes $30 to the prize pool.  The $960 prize pool will be split as follows:


$200 to First Place Team ($100 per player)

$60 to 2nd Place Team ($30 per player)

The pool for correctly picking the top 3 teams IN ORDER is $320. If no one picks the correct order, the $300 rolls over until next year. (The team tie-breaker is points on First nine, then second nine then third nine)

$200 goes to the player who scores the highest by picking the 3 teams with the highest COMBINED total of points.

$50 to Second, Third & Fourth place pickers

$30 to player who picks LOSER team that scores fewest points - you cannot pick your own team

Each player picks 3 teams in order. Add the scores of your 3 teams for your total score. Ties split the pot.

The $30 must be paid when you put in your picks.  You can submit your picks on a piece of paper WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.  Also, keep track of who you picked and total the points up yourself - if you think you have the highest total, then shout it out at the payoff ceremony. You need to know your own total, we won't be totaling up all the scores, just checking to confirm highest totals.