Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

Calcutta Rules


Each player will select a 3 man team.  The total score of the 3 players will determine the winners.


Each player plays three 6 hole matches.  Matches are scored ONE (1) point for each hole won, and an extra Two (2) points for winning each match.  The maximum available points are 24 per man (18 + 6) – therefore the best 3 man score is 72.


The first round of bidding is before the foursome assignments.  The second round will be after foursomes are determined.  At this point you CANNOT bid on someone in your foursome.   

All players will have a 3 man team. It is NOT possible to end up with a 2 man or a 4 man team. Each player is auctioned off 3 times.You CANNOT own a player more than once on your team. Minimum bid is $50, maximum bid is $400.

The bidding will proceed as follows:

The bidding will be "open outcry" and your bid must be recognized and acknowledged. We keep bidding until there is a winning bid.In the case where there are no one bids on a player in the FIRST round, the player goes into the Hopper. During the second round if there are no bids the player will get one stroke added to their handicap. Strokes will be added until someone bids for the player. Minimum bid is $50. The strokes will be set during the second round and they will apply to that player for all rounds.

Players left in the hopper from the first round or the third round will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at the end. The bidder with the most money left gets their first choice of the players in the hopper. If all players have only $50 left, there will be a random draw for the players left in the hopper.

$50 per man into prize pool – total of $1,600. 


Payoff is as follows:

Winner of tourney - $100 (Individual with most points)  

2nd place pays $80, Third $70 and fourth & fifth get $50


The team owner whose 3 players score the highest combined points gets first place money of $500.  Second place pays $300 and third place pays $200. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth place get their money back - $50. 

Last place gets $100. So if you think you can chose 3 losers, go for it!  You CANNOT chose yourself.