Blakely Golf Association
The BGA - Founded 1984

Basement Vegas

The rules for Basement Vegas are the same as regular Vegas (see below). The difference is in the betting. 

Each 3-hole match is played for $5. All junk is doubled to $2 and the Sanford is $4. The skode pool is $10, but made and missed skodes are still $1. Vegas points are $.25 each. At the end of the round, each player declares how much money they are starting with, and the player who ends up losing the most money is in the BASEMENT. The player in the basement PAYS the biggest winner an additional $20. 

**BONUS Birdie Bet - if 2 players, no players or all players get a birdie during the round, there is no payoff. If one player gets a birdie, the 3 other players pay him $5, if 3 players get birdies, the player who didn't get a birdie pays all three $5 

In Basement Vegas a Triple Bogie is MAX score on a hole, and the Accelerator is in play.

After determining rotation, players switch partners every 3 holes. 

After each hole combine the (net) lowest score of one team to the (net) lowest score of the other team. Example, a 5 and 6 combined score is 56, a 8 and 4 is 48.  The difference between the two scores is the point difference recorded on the card, with the winner being the lower of the two numbers.  In this example 56 – 48 is 8 points. If one of the players has a NET par, the other team score is flipped. A 56 score becomes a 65. Now 65 – 48 is 17 points. A BIRDIE FLIPS A PAR.  Max score is a TRIPLE BOGIE.  The Handicap stroke CANNOT be applied to a Cap.  For example, if a player is getting a stroke on a par 4 and scores a natural 8, he gets a seven, if he scores a 9 it becomes a net 8, if he scores a 10 or higher he gets an 8.


This same concept is played on the greens for putts. A 1 Putt to flips your opponent’s score on the greens.  A one putt and a two putt vs. a two putt and a three putt is 13 to 32 - a 19 point hole.